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How It Works
Vocabmonster™ through the proven science of mnemonics, links an unfamiliar word with a humorous cartoon that's hard to forget. Here is one example:

common, ordinary, dull, undistinguished , a person who walks
A simple, clear definition is presented for each word, and important synonyms for the word are given in boldface, when applicable.
Think of -
By thinking of a humorous word association that sounds like the real word, you are far more likely to easily recall the word and retain its meaning.
Loading Cartoon
Our cartoons are illustrated by a leading specialist with over 34 years of experience. Each is designed to make vocabulary learning FUN and effective.
Each word is placed in a sentence, so you can clearly understand how to use the word in "real life."
While New York University students generally have a high regard for former President Bill Clinton, many found his commencement speech to be rather pedestrian.
The governor's pedestrian response to a complex problem made people think that she relied on stock solutions and could not find innovative answers.
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