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"VocabMonster is an absolute goldmine for those of us who teach vocabulary to middle-schoolers. Instead of force feeding students dull dictionary definitions, it's now possible to use visual mnemonics cues - an entertaining and rapid way to learn new words. I think it's absolutely great."

"As a retired teacher, I have seen incredible results of visual association techniques for remembering information. VocabMonster is the best I've seen out there. I particularly love the many ways to learn - on the Web, on a tablet or iPhone, through books and e-books. "

"I'm a big fan of innovative ways to help kids learn and retain. VocabMonster fits the bill. It has a level of sophistication and flexibility that's above and beyond any competitor I've seen around. My verdict: it's a must-have for learning. "

"I wish VocabMonster was around when I studied for the SATs! Instead I was forced to learn all these vocabulary words by rote. Not so with my daughter. She actually loves the VocabMonster way of learning and I have noted a marked change in her strength of vocabulary. "

"If I had to rate VocabMonster, I'd give it an A+. It makes learning new words so enjoyable and the meanings stick in my son's mind. It's revived his love of learning - and no higher compliment can be given to a learning resource. "

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